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  • bgoodram 9:08 am on June 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Welcome to the 2015 HWDSB EcoFair! 

    EcoFair 2015

    Welcome to the 2015 HWDSB EcoFair! We are here to celebrate the phenomenal environmental accomplishments in our schools during the 2014-15 school year. As well, we want to build on our work this year to help make HWDSB and our local community greener and cleaner as we move forward.

    Reply to the 4 posts below to reflect, connect and share your ideas with your fellow HWDSB Green Team members!

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    EcoFair: What is your one wish for the environment? 

    Students from across HWDSB shared their one wish for the environment with one another at the 3rd annual EcoFair. Below is what our students shared:

    EcoFair One Wish

    HWDSB students, staff and community share their ‘One Wish’ at EcoFair

    My one wish is…

    A new water refill station at our school, more trees in the city, lights that run on a different power source like the sun instead of energy (in our school), a litter free world in 10-20 years, working together to clean up all the garbage, to stop global warming, for more schools to help out the environment, eco-friendly cars, a cure for the white fungus disease of bats, that everyone will start making a conscious effort to change one thing that they do to reduce their footprint, that one day the environment will be free of pollution, to stop global warming, my community will respect their homes instead of destroying them, that the environment is healthy, that people will stop damaging the environment, to reduce by recycling, that the world will be litter-free, that people will stop littering on the grass, that Canada become the least polluted country, that in the future we will fully transition to eco-friendly technology, to get a refill station so we use less plastic water bottles, for more trees, for rainforest restoration, to be more green, that we bike and play as it sustains us, that factories / large corporations will be more mindful in what chemicals they release, to save energy, that the oceans are not polluted anymore, the oceans will be free of plastic, that the environment does well and we keep it nice and green for everyone, that we conserve water that we can drink, to stop cutting down trees, that the polar bears live, that we can stop loggers from cutting down trees and killing endangered species, that the environment only gets cleaner and that future generations care enough to help, for a garden for our school, that no one will pollute so we stop killing fish, that global warming will stop, that everyone will soon realize that recycling is important because in 2030 it could get ugly, that people stop throwing out recyclables, to save animal habitats, that the air stays breathable, that we work together to sort our the enormous amount of food waste, that the Earth is clean forever, that we stop destroying the environment and start repairing it, for rainforest restoration, to have no more cigarettes all over the place, for less cars so more animals can stay alive, that in the future everyone has a beautiful garden, that all the EcoSchools could work together to save the environment!

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    Student Voice: What recommendations would you make to the Mayor of Hamilton to help the environment? 

    At EcoFair 2015, students had the opportunity to record a message to Mayor Eisenberger to help keep Hamilton clean and green!

    Student videos can be seen on HWDSB TV:

  • bgoodram 9:22 am on June 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Which environmental activity / activities were you most excited about this year? 

    • Mia 10:43 am on June 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Earth hour

    • maldhura0868 10:50 am on June 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Discussing about how to save the environment

    • thprice 10:57 am on June 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Recycling, Earth Day, Campus Clean Up, making vegan soap – we all loved something different.

  • bgoodram 9:19 am on June 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Describe one way that people in your school / community have changed this year because of your environmental leadership? (e.g., change in how they do things, how they think about things) 

    • nada 10:47 am on June 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      to to to the the to to to you to the to is is is is is is the to is to is the is the to is to is the is is

    • thprice 10:59 am on June 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Our staff and students have improved their recycling habits because of the hard work of our group.

    • Dean 11:02 am on June 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      we have changed a lot by using way more bottles then plastic bottles

  • bgoodram 9:18 am on June 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    What are your environmental plans for next year: What worked well? What would you like to start? 

    • thprice 11:00 am on June 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Encourage more students and staff to join the EcoWarriors.

  • bgoodram 9:16 am on June 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    How can you get more people at your school and / or community to be more environmentally responsible? 

    • thprice 11:02 am on June 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Provide infirmation and educate them through posters, new monthly Eco initiatives where we concentrate on one issue a month.

  • bgoodram 6:11 pm on June 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Students Share – Dreams, Successes, Challenges 

    Students were asked to share their environmental dreams, successes and challenges at this year’s EcoFair, here is what they had to say:


    To have a greenhouse at our school, to have an outdoor classroom with gardens, more Earth hour events, to help the trees by not cutting them down, that everyone recycles more (and properly), to get composting in our school, to have a big school garden, oil being taken care of properly, to conserve energy, water and stop removing trees because they absorb carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, clean fresh air and water, stop deforestation, that pollution stops forever, to have clean water in every country, to turn off all lights in the school.


    Energy hog, Earth hour was a lot of fun, book swap, our recycling program, people started recycling at our school, walk to school day was very successful, we had an activity week and were able to run an Eco game, the whole school recycled in order to win a pizza party, people turned off lights when they weren’t needed, classes and students coming up with and implementing initiatives (e.g., scavenger hunt), more trees at our school, more students joining our Green team!


    Getting more people to understand why littering is bad, more parent / community involvement, getting ALL staff and students on board with environmental initiatives, having more support for litter-less lunches, getting Board approval for our veggie garden, trying to help the trees / flowers and environment.


  • bgoodram 10:12 am on June 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    EcoSchools Site Visits in HWDSB – June 2015 

    Documenting the great environmental initiatives of our HWDSB students during the 2015 EcoSchools site visits!


  • dresijan 3:47 pm on March 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Hi Green Team,
    Grade 7’s at Ancaster Meadow are looking forward to Hamilton Water-Water Works Eco-Competition. The case study will be very interesting. Contact for more information. Also, see Ontario Eco-Schools Eco-action 10×10 challenge, interesting ideas for after March break activities.

  • bkoruna 3:11 pm on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Geometry in Grade 3 

    This post is to keep you aware of what we are doing in math this unit. Geometry is an easy unit to include in daily life and while there are a lot of big words in this unit, if they are reviewed often, the students can do very well.

    Here are the 2D shapes/polygons that have been introduced: triangle, rectangle, square, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon.- We name shapes based on their number of sides and their other qualities.

    Here are some of the terms and their definitions that the students will need to use to describe 2D shapes.

    Congruent– When two shapes are compared, two shapes that have the same size and shape.

    Parallel Lines– Two opposite lines in a polygon (closed shape) that will never cross. (We use the analogy of train tracks running side by side forever)

    Quadrilateral– any 4 sided shape

    Equilateral– all sides of the polygon are equal

    Regular Shape– a polygon with all sides and angles equal

    Irregular Shape– a polygon that does not have all sides and angles equal

    Vertex (plural vertices)– where two lines of a polygon meet. Students have to say how many there are in a polygon.

    Angles– Students need to be able to identify a 90 degree right angle (such as in a rectangle) and angles that are smaller and larger than a right angle within polygons.

    Lines of Symmetry– A line that divides a polygon into two congruent parts. Students need to be able to draw lines on a shape to show when there is a mirror image from one side of the line to the other and determine how many lines of symmetry there are in a polygon. They also have to complete shapes on a grid when only given one half of the shape to show a symmetrical shape.

    After all of this is taught, students will then need to be able to describe and compare two shapes (state the similarities and differences) using these concepts.

    I hope this is helpful! Today we completed parallel lines, so an easy way to review this with your child would be to find shapes around the house and determine if they have parallel lines.


  • jsharma9235 11:18 am on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Hi everyone ,

  • jsharma9235 1:22 pm on December 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    I think that this eco-school team is really important for saving our earth and saving ourselves

  • jsharma9235 9:36 am on December 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    join ecoschool!! 

    Join eco-school guys in the internet if u are interested !!! here are some steps :

    first step: go to your own hwdsb  avatar profile , after that go to followers and then I hope u can see the followers in the followers there is miss stand field’s then click in the miss stand field’s name after u reach in miss stand field’s hwdsb profile , go to the sites u will find eco-school then join the eco-school

                                                                             those of u who joined thanks very much eco-school is about saving the earth !!!   



  • apuley 6:25 pm on October 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Capturing Our Day of Learning EcoTeam Conference 2014 

  • studentvoice 3:16 pm on June 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    The Environment Is Important Because… 

    Welcome to another episode of my podcast.

  • studentvoice 3:09 pm on June 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Stop pollution 

    Welcome to another episode of my podcast.

  • apuley 11:04 pm on June 3, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    The 2014 EcoFair is Here! 

    EcoSchools - 2014 Invitation

    • dresijan 3:05 pm on June 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      The Ancaster Meadow students really enjoyed the Eco-Fair today. The highlight of the day was learning new ideas to take back to our school and implement them next year. Also, we enjoyed the hike and team-building games. We are looking forward to next year to earn ‘Gold’ certification. Thanks for a wonderful day!

    • mclapper7642 3:26 pm on June 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you very much for having the Eco Fair!!!! Everyone had so much fun!!!!

  • apuley 11:02 pm on June 3, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Share Your Ideas and Network with Your Peers! 

    Blog Tree
    Have your say! Check out the questions below this post and click ‘Reply’ to add your thoughts. Thank you so much for being an active EcoSchool and for sharing all of the awesome things you do, and have done, at your schools!

  • apuley 11:08 pm on June 3, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    What is one thing your school can focus on next year? 

    • Connor and William 10:50 am on June 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I would like to do composting

    • Catalina 10:50 am on June 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply


    • Drew 10:51 am on June 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      We are going to do composting with worms

    • Teagan 10:58 am on June 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      To feed the worms Copost.

    • Abraham 11:12 am on June 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      The grade 8 can improve on there recycling but no matter the challenge they still don’t do it

    • rliao8941 3:02 pm on June 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Apuley, were Robert, Matthew, Daniel, Paul and Arman and were from Ancaster Meadow and one thing our school can focus are to do some more weeding around our school gardens because some weeds are stopping our plants to grow and continue the gold bin award so we can recycle more. Thank you for reading this message.

      Mr.Resijan’s 6R stars.

    • dresijan 10:28 pm on June 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Robert, you have two very good ideas. We will find some volunteers to remove the weeds in the flower garden and continue the gold bin award this week. Thanks for your ideas. Mr. R

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